Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Gischler, Again: "No Good Deed" by Victor Gischler

Gischler, Again: No Good Deed by Victor Gischler, 2018, 9781250106698.

I've read most Gischler novels and many of his comics. I don't associate his work with sex scenes. I think of humor, slacker and incompetent lead characters, human bad guys, and a few cars. I was reading through one of the sex scenes in this novel and realized he does have sex scenes in most of his novels. Huh.

I enjoyed the book. I enjoyed the story. I enjoyed the characters. I enjoyed most everything and I don't really want to give a plot summary.

Anyhoo. This is a Good Guy Meets Mysterious Woman and Is Pursued by Bad Guys novel. Francis has a boring job and a lame girlfriend who just walked out on him. On his way to work Francis sees a suitcase atop a dumpster and the case is spilling out a lot of women's fancy underwear. Francis is intrigued, sees a business card in the case, and figures "Eh, may as well help" and drops the case off at the former girlfriend's former workplace, a diner, since it is on the way.

Once Francis gets to work he sends an email to the address on the business card and trouble begins. The bad guys were watching the email account and show up. Mysterious Woman also shows up. Fisticuffs ensue, gunfire ensues, chasing ensues, rescues ensue, so on, so forth.

Summary: It's a Gischler which means it is well worth your time and money. Just give it a try.

1. Gratuitous self-love reference to a Gischler authored fantasy novel.
2. Many shotgun killings.
3. SPOILER:      We all knew she had a child before the reveal, right?  SPOILER

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