Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Heard: "Star Wars: aftermath" by Chuck Wendig

Heard: Star Wars: aftermath by Chuck Wendig, 2015, Overdrive download.

I bought Wendig's The Kick-Ass Writer for work and that thing has circ'ed 18 times. That is a lot of checkouts for a writer's guide.

This has a very enthusiastic narration by Marc Thompson. Thompson also has voiced some characters in a way that reminded me of other actors and characters. Including:

Eugen H. Krabs from SpongeBob SquarePants.
Patrick Warburton aka Puddy from Seinfeld.
Jimmy Stewart
Father Guido Sarducci. (Ha, just kidding.)

I've heard several Star Wars novels and I wonder if the Star Wars tie-in novel writing guidebook must require multiple planet settings and multiple character lines and points of view. Frequent POV changes must also be required. Same with flashbacks.

This story is set right after the second Death Star was blown up.

Norra is a rebel pilot who just fought in the battle against the second Death Star. She has returned to her home planet of Akiva to collect her son. She left her son in the care of her sister about 4 years ago and is both excited and apprehensive about seeing her 15-year-old.

Temmin is Norra's son. He left his aunt's care a while ago and runs his own shop on Akiva. He is a technical genius and very agnry with his mother. Temmin figures Norra abandoned him - which she mostly did - as she galavanted around with the rebellion. Temmin has no desire to follow Norra's plan to leave Akiva for another planet. He has a droid he named Bones, a former B1 battle droid, and turned into his Temmin's own bodyguard.

Sinjir is a former loyalty officer with the Empire. Sinjir was like a political commissar from the Red Army. He had to snoot out crooks, subversives, and general troublemakers. After the second Death Star exploded he abandoned the Empire and has been hiding out on small planets like Akiva.

Bounty hunter Jas Amari used to hunt down Rebellion/Alliance leaders for the bounty offered by the Empire. Now she does the opposite and while surveilling her target on Akiva recognizes several high-level Empire leaders meeting together. She hopes to catch several at once and score a big payday.

Admiral Rae Sloane is loyal to the Empire and meeting with the several high-level officers to plan for the future now that the Emperor and Darth Vader are dead. She is ambitious and ruthless.

Wedge Antilles was on a scouting mission at Akiva when his small ship was captured by Admiral Rae's cruiser. Wedge is held captive on the planet and undergoing interrogation.

Anyway. Things happen as Temmin and her son clash. Sinjir avoids capture by the Imperials. Jas teams up with Sinjir. Jas, Sinjir, Temmin and Norra team up together.

There are several "Interludes" - introduced as such - at several different points and on other planets. Naboo, Coruscant, Cloud City. With Han Solo, Chewbacca, Admiral Fish-Fishy Fish, others.

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