Thursday, January 26, 2017

Comic: "Criminal: Lawless" by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips

Comic: Criminal: Lawless by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, 2015, 9781632152039.

Ok. I remember this series. I had to look it up but I read an entry in 2010. Crime stories that each involve The Undertow bar. This four episode story arc involves Army veteran Tracy Lawless. Lawless saw action in several places overseas and was locked up when he heard his younger brother died.

Lawless and his younger brother Rick were raised by a dirtbag father after their mother left. Tracy took off when he was only 14 and lived on his own until he ended up in court and joined the service to avoid conviction.

Tracy did not keep track of Rick while Tracy was gone but he now returns to town to avenge his death. He finds out Rick was a full time crook and his crew has continued on without him. He figures the crew are to blame. Since no one - well, almost no one - recalls who Tracy is after twenty years he fakes his identity and gets hired by Rick's old crew as a get away driver.

Things happen. Tracy keeps his eyes and ears open and asks probing questions. Tracy starts to lovey-dovey with the female crook who was seeing Rick before Rick was killed. Tracy remembers his past. Tracy gets violent. Tracy tries to avoid the gangster he stole from for seed money. Tracy gets it all figured out but ends up under the thumb of the gangster he was avoiding.

1. I read my notes from 2010 and that reminded me about how incredibly annoying the underlined words of dialogue are. The underlining seems random at times and really stuck in my craw. Let me read the damn dialogue without direction.

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