Thursday, January 12, 2017

Comic Book Novel: "The Black Beetle in 'No Way Out'" Francesco Francavilla

Comic Book Novel: The Black Beetle in 'No Way Out"; a mystery tale, 2013, 9781616552022.

Compilation of retro style pulp comic featuring a costumed and gun toting vigilante hero. Two separate story lines here. The first one has The Black Beetle in 1939 intercepting a trio of nazi commandos trying to steal an ancient Egyptian relic from the Colt City museum.

The second story has Black Beetle looking to bust a meeting of Colt City mob leaders when the restaurant meeting place explodes. The Black Beetle later runs into a costumed bad guy, Labyrinto. Black Beetle investigates, gets in fist fights, gets in gun fights, escapes death by rat, drives a fast car, and ultimately perseveres. A possible love interest is implied at the end.

Nothing too original in the stories. This is a straightforward "good guy versus bad guys" stuff. I am a sucker for the late '30s setting. I enjoyed the artwork more than the story. I liked both the art style and the perspective.

There are several other Francavilla titles in the library catalog but this is the only Black Beetle one.

1. I will not capitalize nazi.

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