Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Quit Listening: "Thirteen Hours" by Deon Meyer

Quit Listening: Thirteen Hours by Deon Meyer, 2008 (2009 translation), OverDrive download.

Another try at a Meyer audio and I still cannot keep track of all the non-English names.  South Africa has umpteen different languages and I cannot keep any of them straight.  I'm fine when I read the stories but I lose track of all the characters with audio versions.

This starts out pretty good with Cape Town police detective, and recovering drunk, Ajdklake getting a call to a murder scene.  Ajsdjladkjklajd is now mentoring new detectives and a freshly murdered white woman - a foreigner no less - promises pressure and trouble.  Meanwhile, some gal from Purdue or IU is on the run from bad guys.

I'll read the print version later.

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