Sunday, May 5, 2013

Listened: "Plugged" by Eoin Colfer

Listened: Plugged by Eoin Colfer, 2011, OverDrive download.

Fun stuff.  Lots of humor. Violence.  Some sex.  Characters with character.  Fun dialogue.

At 2011 Bouchercon (the only one I've been too) there was a party hosted by Random House with an open bar.  I drank lots of free Dewar's that night.  That open bar party segued into a group reading by several authors.  Each writer picked a line or two - the emphasis was on a very, very, very, very short excerpt.  Colfer read a piece from this.  Afterwards, I went over and asked him how to pronounce his name.

Daniel McEvoy is a former Irish soldier working as a doorman at a low-rent casino in New Jersey.  Dan has some PTSD from two United Nations tours in Southern Lebanon patrolling between the Israelis and Hezbollah.  The work in Lebanon was not pleasant and often violent.  Dan fled to the States - his mother's native country - after he was discharged.

Dan is a big ugly guy.  Dan is hot for one of the casino waitresses.  The casino waitresses wear bikinis and some turn tricks.  One nitwit customer licks Waitress's butt.  Dan solves the issue (without violence) and later on Waitress is murdered.  Dan goes to visit his pal, Zeb, who is an unlicensed doctor.  Dan finds a local mob guy in Zeb's office.  Mob guy makes murder move and Dan does dirty deed of death.  Dan is having a bad day.  Dan is angry about dead Waitress, cops suspect Dan in the murder, Dan killed local mob boss's main man, where is Zeb?

Things happen.  Colfer gives a roller coaster of events with cops involved, crazy neighbor of Dan, Dan hearing Zeb's voice in his head, cops involved in crime and murder, Dan cannot help but mouth off, so on, so forth.  Suffice to say Dan goes through a lot and talks a lot about his past.

1.  Fun stuff with only one slow part.
2.  Colfer has another adult novel but I'm not sure if McEvoy is in that story.
3.  I'm trying to think of a read-a-like.  A reviewer compared this to Elmore Leonard.  Maybe Steve Hockensmith.   Or Gischler.
EDIT 4: Wednesday evening I was selecting items to buy from OverDrive and saw that a sequel to this, Screwed, released a few days ago.

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