Sunday, May 5, 2013

Listened: "Joe Ledger Files" by Jonathan Maberry

Listened: Joe Ledger: the missing files by Jonathan Maberry, 2011, OverDrive download.

Short stories featuring Maberry's Joe Ledger character.  There are four or five Ledger novels out and these stories fill in the spaces around those novels.  Some fun stuff with Ledger fighting terrorists and zombies and evil scientists and supernatural events and an international assassin.

I think the narrator, Ray Porter, really chews up the scenery during these stories.  Ledger's irreverent views come through strong.  This is opposite to what AudioFile thinks.  OverDrive lists the AudioFile review and that says, Porter's performance is calm and understated, almost stern, yet often inflects emotions integral to Joe's fears, compassion, and sense of personal loss.  I enjoyed Porter's narration but disagree that it is understated.

1.  A focus on gear and gadgets.
2.  The story set in Pine Deep, PA was fun.
3.  One story was Ledger's initial teaming with Ghost the Wonder Dog where Ledger and Ghost go after an assassin from one of the novels.
4.  The overall run time was only four hours.  I was disappointed there was not more.

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