Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Done: "Red Means Run" by Brad Smith

Done: Red Means Run by Brad Smith, 2012, 9781451645514.

I read a review for the second book in this series and requested this one.  The review was referring to rural crime novels. I dig rural crime novels.  Usually.  This was fairly decent and a smooth read.

Criminal defense attorney Mickey Dupree is known for winning murder cases in Northern New York.  Now he is dead, murdered on a golf course, and Virgil Cain is the main suspect.  Cain was married to a would-be music star who was murdered by a producer.  The Producer was acquitted and Virgil (vaguely) threatened  the lawyer in a bar.

Cain is arrested on no evidence by Dumb Cop.  Cain meets a hot lady detective.  Cain knows he is screwed and needs to find out real killer.  Cain escapes from a small town jail. Meanwhile, the Producer (modeled after Phil Spector) is drinking and and going gun crazy.  His wife is tolerating him, training for a marathon, and considering a run for Congress.

Hot Lady Detective is dealing with old case of animal cruelty to race horses by Super Rich Dude.  Producer and Super Rich Dude are also murdered.  Dumb Cop starts talking in cliches, "[Virgil Cain] is a mad dog and I'm gonna put him down" [not a real quote].  Hot Lady Detective finds Cain but lets him go.  She is hot for him, figures him innocent, and figures he may find things out.

Cain finds things out. Hot Lady Detective finds things out.  Cain and Hot Lady Detective have intimate relations.  Very intimate.  Hot Lady Detective gets shot at by real killer.  Cain stops real killer.

1.  Not much to say.  A smooth read with few dull parts for me.
2. Smith spreads out the life story of Cain along the novel.
3.  Hot Lady Detective was a little unbelievable having been recently divorced from a dimwit husband.  Hot Lady Detective's personality seemed stronger than putting up with a dimwit for 15 years.  But, that happens in real life all the time.
4.  Wives putting up with husbands is repeated throughout the novel.  Producer's wife is married without caring for the guy.  She does her running, enjoys her dogs, and meets with soon-to-retire Congresswoman regarding a campaign.  Best pal of Producer's Wife also a rich wife.  She is married to Super Rich Dude and only cares about drinking all day and staying in New York on her big estate.
5. I think the forthcoming sequel is worth reading.  I'd like to see how Smith keeps Cain going in a mystery series.  Maybe drag him into a case with Hot Lady Detective.

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