Friday, November 23, 2012

Done: "The Gentlemen's Hour" by Don Winslow

Done: The Gentlemen's Hour by Don Winislow, 2009, 9781439183397.

2009? Really?  That long ago?

Another novel featuring Sand Diego surfing legend Boone Daniels.  Daniels is a former policeman turned P.I. who makes no money.  Daniels is more concerned with surfing anyway.

Daniels is hired by a defense attorney who is defending a kid who killed a different surfing legend Kelly "K2" Kuhio.  K2 was loved by everybody and loved for many, many good reasons.  Those many, many good reasons means many, many people are shocked, disappointed, and angry with Daniels for taking the case.

Daniels investigates that and takes a marriage case to investigate possible infidelity. Both cases end up dovetailing.  The guy who killed K2 is a nothing turd and would be white supremacist.  Daniels loses friends for his defense work.  Daniels and super hot Brit chick attorney have trouble connecting.

More surf lingo, aka surfbonics.  More surf information.  More surf knowledge.  More surf philosophy.  More surf brotherhood.  More surf fitness.

People are killed.  Daniels is beaten up a bit.  Daniels beats other guy up a bit. Things happen. So on. So forth.  This is not plot and action so much and interesting people.

1.  San Diego corruption like an H. Jefferson Parker novel I read a bit ago.
2.  "Localism" in the surf community where non-locals are firmly told to leave and then beaten if they do not.
3.  A fun novel.
4.  Winslow writes so well I think, "Whats the big deal with these other writers complaining about their progress?"

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