Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Found: "Escape Clause" by James O. Born

Found: Escape Clause by James O. Born, 2006, 9780399153341.

I weeded this a few days ago. I started reading the first page and brought it home. Fun.  I liked this better than Red Means Run.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement agent Bill Tasker is at a bank with one of his daughters.  Tasker sees a couple suspicious guys.  Tasker is suspicious. Tasker ends up shooting one of the guys during the resultant bank robber.

Tasker sent to Gladesville, FL to investigate a murder at the local prison.  Tasker sent there to avoid civilian review board's BS challenge of the bank shooting.  Governor's office will clear the BS challenge if Tasker does the favor of reviewing the murder.

Tasker stays in state-owned apartment building for government workers.  Tasker meets hot investigator for prison.  Born introduces bad guy characters of prison guards and a convict.  Guards want Tasker to quickly do his review of the evidence and leave.

Tasker's archeology professor neighbor at state apartment building is murdered.  Tasker looks into that murder, too.  Convict schemes and kills and plans an escape. Tasker hits it off with Hot Investigator.  Things happen.  Tasker's daughters visit.  Tasker's ex-wife has sex.  Tasker investigates (the crimes, not his ex-wife's sex life).  Tasker suspicious of Hot Investigator.  Tasker captured by Corrupt Guards.  One Guard shot by Hot Investigator.  Tasker rescued. Tasker caught again.  Tasker escapes.  Tasker rescues Hot Investigator.  Brief twist at the end of the story.

1. A fun book.  Even with several murders, lots of low and high level corruption, forced sex, etc.
2. Racial diversity of rural Florida and mostly absent of racists. Not the stereotype of the South.  The lead Bad Guy Guard married to a black lady and is hot for Hot Investigator who is also black.
3.  Rural Florida does not have a diverse beer selection.
3.  SIG love.
4.  CZ love.
5.  Hi-Power love.
6.  Remington 870 love.
7.  Gun nerd complaining love: Beretta 92fs referred to as a .40.
8. Gratuitous Stephen Hunter reference.
9.  Gratuitous copy editing errors with weird commas and wrong words.  If I notice the errors you know the errors were obvious.
10.  Born was in Muskego a year or two ago.  Born said how colleagues will approach him while Born is working at a crime scene and Born can tell when they are angling to make it into one of his novels.