Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Read: "Uncertainty Principle" by Mark Kraushaar

Read: Uncertainty Principle by Mark Kraushaar, 2011, 9781904130505.

I've heard Kraushaar read a few of these poems (and others) aloud.  I feel like I am at an advantage because I know the cadence and voice her prefers.  I can use the memory of his performance while reading and catch the meaning.

Some poems I understand and some I do not.  Kraushaar writes about fate and future; how lives are random and change in unexpected ways.  Kraushaar writes about the sky.  Kraushaar has several pieces about fathers - or his father. Kraushaar writes about people he observes.  Kraushaar writes about biking Jefferson County.

1.  While reading these I was thinking I should ask Kraushaar if he wants to do another video.  I think I will propose that I pick 2-3 poems from here and read them aloud.  Kraushaar could then give explanation or background about the poem's story and then read the work as he intended.
2.  The difficulty here, as in all poetry, is that intent and meaning have to be crammed into such a small space.    A spoken performance makes all the difference to me in understanding feeling.  Or catching humor.  Or irony.  Or sarcasm.  I do not have the needed experience as a reader to catch all that.
3.  I do think I have gotten better at understanding what a poet is writing.  But, I have to take my time and think, digest, and ponder.  I do not enjoy using time that way.  After reading Razor Days and thinking about the poems for the library video I got to understand them even better.
4.  I liked this much better than the other poetry books I read for the committee.

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