Friday, June 15, 2012

Done: "[sic]: a memoir by Joshua Cody

Done: [sic]: a memoir by Joshua Cody, 2011, 9780393081060.

A title designed to annoy catalogers.

Meh.  Some parts were okay but Cody's style is not for me.  Cody kind of rambles on as though chatting with you in a bar, with tangents and casual asides stuck in.

Cody's neck hurt.  Cody went to doctor.  Cody had biopsy.  Cody had cancer.  Cody had chemotherapy.  Cody still had cancer.  Cody gets radiated.  Cody gets bone-marrow transplant.  Cody almost dies.  Cody lives.  Cody dates bat-shit crazy doctor.  Cody survives bat-shit crazy doctor.  Cody writes a book sitting lakeside in Vermont.  Or was that New Hampshire?

1.  Cody covers several different parts of his life including his mom, his deceased father, a couple romances, hallucinations during illness.
2.  Not one of those blow-by-blow books about disease and treatment.  Cody has a couple details on what his body went through but talks more about life and the things he likes.
3.  Cocaine.
4.  Tightly wound girlfriend trying hard to stay away from pills, powders, alcohol, etc.
5.  Brett Favre love.
6.  Milwaukee love.
7. Manhattan love.
8.  Gratuitous Golden Ratio.

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