Tuesday, June 12, 2012

DNF: "Death of Dracula" by Victor Gischler, et al

DNF: The Death of Dracula by Victor Gischler, et al, 2011, 9780785156161 (comics compilation).

When a book says Gischler on the cover it should be all Gischler and not filled with other Dracual stuff from 1976.  Damn it. 

I read the Gischler story, Death of Dracula, and skipped the others. Gischler may have done this as a one-off - I don't know - but the story does not end.  Plot: Dracula has two sons, one good and one bad. Bad one kills dad.  Good one does not want to join the insurrection.  Intrigue and counterplots amongst the vampire clans.  Good son escapes death.

1.  The vampire gals in Gischler's tale have big boobs and skimpy dresses.  I approve.
2. I don't like that mid-'70s style artwork anyway unless it is in Tales From the Crypt.
3.  None of that "vampyre" crap.
4.  The vampires are cruel and violent, not "sparkly" and lovelorn.

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