Thursday, March 1, 2012

Done: "Murder at Lascaux" by Betsy Draine and Michael Hinden

Done: Murder at Lascaux by Betsy Draine and Michael Hinden, 2011, 9780299284206.

Not so bad. I thought it would stink I was mistaken.

Nora and her husband Toby are in Southern France. Art historian Nora has wrangled a visit to the Lascaux caves and is researching a early 20th-century French painter. They both will attend the week-long cooking school at the Cazenac-Cazelle Chateau. The chateau is the family home of the painter Nora is researching. Nora and Toby sign up for the cooking class as part of letting Nora access the family archives.

During the Lascaux tour the lights go out and a fellow tour member is murdered. The rest of the group, Nora and Toby and two other Americans, are interviewed by cops. The other Americans are also staying at the chateau cooking school. Everyone is a suspect.

Nora and Toby discover links between the murdered guy and several locals and locales. Intertwined are various histories of Southern France, religious persecution by the Catholic church, World War Two collaboration, theft of artifacts, multiple family secrets from multiple families, and one more murder.

1. A nice mix of characters and local history.
2. Good descriptions of the countryside and the villages they visit. The kind of writing job that explains a place well enough to make you either want to visit or stay away forever.
3. I did not much care about the cooking info but the authors did not go too deep into that.
4. Wisconsin authors.

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