Thursday, March 1, 2012

DNF: "Now Playing" by Ron Koertge

DNF: Now Playing: Stoner and Spaz II by Ron Koertge, 2011, 9780763650810.

I read the first one after a plug by the Unshelved comic. I don't recall how I heard about this sequel.

This starts off right after the first novel ended. Ben the Spaz has presented his high school documentary at a museum and Colleen had gone on a bender. Colleen starts getting clean again. Ben is stuck on her but knows that her addictions make her untrustworthy. Ben makes friends with a rich girl who also likes film. Colleen gets kicked out of her stripper mom's house, stays with Ben for a while, moves in with nice neighbor across street from Ben.

Ben's grandmom does not much like Colleen but does help her out behind the scenes. Colleen finds out where Ben's mom is. They drive only 10 miles or so to see his mom at the Target store she works out. The mom seems drugged out or mentally out there.

I quite reading after that. I had to push myself to continue the story. I wasn't into it so I'm moving on. I predict that is what Ben does with Colleen in the end.

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