Monday, June 27, 2011

Gave Up LIstening: "Wicked City" by Ace Atkins

Gave Up Listening: Wicked City by Ace Atkins, audio version downloaded from Overdrive, 2008 (print).

I listened to a quarter of this and just didn't care. Based on the true life mobster town of Phenix City, AL. Told through real characters from the time. I got through a quarter of this and not much was happening. After the beginning murder not much happens. Besides, since this is a true story you already know that the town was cleaned out and the mobsters ran off or indicted.

I don't like books that fictionalize real people. Sure, I like Cornwell's novels and the insertion of Wellington. But, Wellington is a minor character. These fictionalization annoy me.

The editing was screwed up, too. The gaps between chapters or scenes were not spaced far enough apart and confused things for me. I didn't really like the narrator either. His character voices were not distinct enough for me.

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Alex said...

If you're looking for a good listen, I highly suggest Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey/Maturin series. All are read by the same person, Simon Vance, so you have consistency throughout. Plus, the books are well justified classics.