Monday, June 13, 2011

DNF: "Stiltsville" by Susanna Daniel

DNF: Stiltsville by Susanna Daniel, 2010, 9780061963070.

This was interesting up to a point. The point being page 118, where I quit. Nothing really happens. Gal visits Miami, gal makes good friend, gal falls for guy, gal moves to Miami, gal marries guy, gal has daughter, gal has ennui, gal spends time on stilt house in the Bay of Biscayne.

I think Daniel does some good writing but there was not enough going on for me to stay with the story. I kept thinking about Dexter and Miami. I kept thinking about that Miami Vice episode where they have a shoot-out at Stiltsville and someone had an AUG. Then I start thinking about all the other Miami Vice episodes and want to re-watch them on Hulu. Especially the episode with Jim Zubiena. I need more time and ammo. And a single action. With big sights.

Daniel lives in Madison. Maybe I should ask her to drive over this Fall as a speaker. The brief bio says she grew up in Miami. How often have people in Iowa and Wisconsin asked how she likes the winters here?


pattinase (abbott) said...

You could read most of us under the table.

Gerard Saylor said...

I don't know about that. In my line of work I meet several people, kid and adult, who devour books.

Susanna Daniel said...

I love the winter! :)