Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Short Stories: "Paris is a Bitch" and "Lost Coast" by Barry Eisler

Short Stories: Paris is a Bitch and Lost Coast by Barry Eisler, digital on the Nook, 2011.

Lost Coast.
A story featuring Larison, the bad guy from Inside Out. Larison is driving North through California and stops in a remote coastal town. Larison gets cheap room, eats dinner, goes for walk. Larison goes into bar, scopes out young dude, gets a hard-on. Larison chats to guy, he and guy leave. Larison and guy get ambushed in back alley. Larison does his usual angry and vicious attack on the ambushers. Ambushers and guy from bar were gay bashing. Larison kidnaps bar guy, takes him into woods and rapes him.

1. Larison needs to be in jail or a mental health facility. He's a danger to everyone.
2. I could swear I read something about a hot sex scene in this story. What freaking scene are those people talking about? ITS A RAPE! An abduction followed by a sexual assault at knife point is not a sex scene. Larison justifies his crime saying the victim is gay or probably gay.
3. Larison despises the gay-bashers in their attempts to terrorize victims but Larison does the exact same thing when he gets turned on by the fear of his victim.

Paris is a Bitch.
Rain and Delilah are having dinner in Paris. Rain is still adjusting to "civilian" life after his long career as a hired killer. He has cut down on his fanatic preparation and security concerns. Delilah ad he have an argument in the restaurant about her still working as a spy and him not. Rain spots guys casing the restaurant and assesses they are bad guy. They figure the guys are there to snatch Delilah her was banging a Saudi in her last job that wants her dead. Rain and Delilah take out the dudes. Rain calls an end to the relationship and plans to never see Paris again.

1. Rain is one fucked up dude. He's lived a vicious and dangerous life and has significant trouble adjusting to anything resembling normality. Delilah's continued work in a similar career makes rain's adjustment tougher.

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