Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Read: "King of Plagues" by Jonathan Maberry

Read: King of Plagues by Jonathan Maberry, 2011, 9780312382506.

Third in the Joe Ledger series. Pretty decent. Certainly decent enough that I keep reading the series - which certainly says something.

This follows a few months after the last book when Ledger's co-worker and girlyfriend bought the farm. Ledger took a break away from the Department of Military Sciences (DMS) for a mental break and to catch the guy who killed the dead girlfriend.

Ledger is in London with his trained attack/bomb dog and gets a call from Mr. Church, the DMS boss. The Royal London Hospital has been blown up and is burning down and killing about 4,000 people. Ledger rejoins the job and is on the hunt for those responsible. Shooting happens. Tough guy things are said. Stuff blows up. People are murdered. Conspirators conspire. Backs are stabbed.

1. Recurring themes: dark conspiracies by the rich and powerful, droll tough-guy humor in times of crisis, highly trained super commandos, mysterious and powerful leader of DMS, DMS has unlimited resources.
2. Fun escapist fiction. Long at 435 pages.

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