Saturday, May 28, 2011

Listened to: "Beat" by Stephen Jay Schwartz

Listened to: Beat by Stephen Jay Schwartz, 2010, 9781441768698.

Started out great and ended with a lame climax. Climax is maybe a poor choice or words considering the main character, Hayden Glass, is a sex addict. I should go back and change that to "finale". I won't.

Glass is a detective with LAPD Robbery/Homicide and is on extended leave after going nutso on a killer and tearing him apart with his bare hands. Glass is a sex addict, divorced, in disgrace at work (although officially on approved leave), and in recovery. He falls out of recovery while cruising porn sites and doing live sex chats. Glass quickly makes a favorite of one girl, Cora. Glass spends many online hours with Cora when she says she is in San Francisco. Glass heads north to bone the whore.

Time skips ahead with Glass in a seedy hotel room with Cora when Russian thugs break in, beat-up Glass, rape the girl, and shoot Glass in chest. Glass stumbles around until he gets hit by a cable car and is taken to the hospital. The cops interview him and Glass gets all cop-talk and convinces them about Cora raped and kidnapped.

Things progress: feuding Russian gangsters, women forced into prostitution, Glass pining for Cora, Glass finding out gal pal from previous novel is in SF, Glass makes friends, Glass makes enemies, Cora declared dead, Cora seen alive, rescue operation undertaken.

1. Glass finds out that Cora thinks he is a pathetic fool. He blames the girl. "She's a whore...he was a walking wallet" Blaming her for his delusions. Blame the hooker when he openly goes into the deal: this is a cash transaction, she pretends to like you - even love you - for payment.
2. How was this guy ever successful enough to make it into Robbery Homicide? He is freaking mess. Impulsive. Obsessive.
3. Glass likes to see chicks fist themselves.
4. Glass has booze problems as well.
5. Schwartz's description and writing about Glass's problems was very interesting. The frank discussions probably turn many readers away in the first few pages. A scene with a gal who helps women out of the life was neat.
6. Underage girl forced to work a whorehouse by the Russians. Russians make such good villains.
7. The climax fell apart because it just sops and starts. Glass goes to rescue the girl and Schwartz gets off track with crap about poor Det. Glass and his many "issues". He should have kept the action moving along faster.
8. Glass also adds a lame-assed confrontation with an SFPD detective during the damn climax.
9. SPOILER: Turns out that the Russians have a lot of underaged girls - including Cora. Glass was banging a 15-year-old.

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