Thursday, April 15, 2010

Quit Listening: "Mr Monk is Miserable" by Lee Goldberg

Quit Listening: Mr. Monk Goes is Miserable by Lee Goldberg, downloaded from

I was happy to get this and download it. But I quit after six minutes because I did not like the narration. This was a disappointment, I am looking forward to the story.

The problem with this is that the narrator is speaking for characters who are already firmly established by other actors. It threw things off too much. I'll read the book instead.

EDIT: I just realized I had the wrong title down earlier. I fixed it.

Hey, Goldberg. Natalie narrates all the Monk novels. Yesterday I read some author's comments about female character cliches in fiction. Do you do consciously do anything when writing a female character to avoid cliches or to try and make them more well-rounded? Or do you just write, revise, revise, revise until you are satisfied?


Lee Goldberg said...

Oh, FWIW, I like the women who read the MONK books and appreciate that they don't try to copy Tony Shalhoub or Traylor Howard.

Lee Goldberg said...

Naturally I try to avoid cliches, not just in how I write Natalie, but in how I write everything. And yes, I revise, revise, revise...

So, what are some of the cliches of writing from a womans POV?

Gerard Saylor said...

The reader was doing fine. But I am too used to the voices of show's actors.

The cliche piece was linked to by Barry Eisler. Heck, I only skimmed it: