Monday, April 12, 2010

Listened to: "Valdez is Coming" by Elmore Leonard

Listened to: Valdez is Coming by Elmore Leonard, downloaded from Overdrive.

When did Leonard write this anyway? I assume this is one of his westerns from the '50s, the movie version is from '71.

Roberto Valdez is a part-time constable in a small AZ town and considered a loser only fit to round up drunk Mexicans A rich rancher and gun runner, Tanner, says a guy in a shack is a killer. Tanner surrounds the shack with his hired guns and shoots it up. Valdez walks down to the shack to talk to the guy. Tanner and Co. come up from behind Valdez with rifles, guy thinks he has been tricked, Valdez has to shoot guy. Tanner says, "Oops, wrong guy."

Valdez thinks the dead guy's pregnant wife should get payment. He asks town people for money, for $500. They say no. Valdez goes to ask Tanner. Tanner just pissed and has his goons try to terrify Valdez. Valdez leaves. Valdez visits Tanner again and is tied to a cross of poles and left to die. Valdez lives.

Valdez goes after Tanner using his years of tracking and combat experience as a scout with General Crook. Valdez kidnaps Tanner's girly-friend. Valdez gets hots for girly-friend. Valdez kills people. Valdez and girly-friend live happily ever after.

Substandard narration by Keith Carradine.

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