Thursday, April 15, 2010

Listened to: "Greenwitch" by Susan Cooper

Listened to: Greenwitch: The Dark Is Rising Sequence Series, Book 3 by Susan Cooper, downloaded from Overdrive.

I think I listened to the first two and did not read them. I really liked the narration on this one. Book 3 merges the characters from the first two books. The three Drew kids - Simon, Jane, Barney - and Wil Stanton . All come together in the small village in Cornwall from the first book.

The golden grail found by the Drew kids in Book One is stolen from a London museum by the Dark. Merriman has the kids invited to Cornwall for their Spring break along with Wil Stanton. The manuscript needed to decipher the grail's engraving was tossed into the ocean in Book One.

The Greenwitch is a humanoid totem annually made of tree branches by the women of the village. Brought to life by magic the Greenwitch finds the manuscript after getting chucked into the ocean. Jane dreams of Greenwitch and Greenwitch reveals her "secret" of the manuscript.

Scary things happen. Wil is an Old One and works with Merriman. Ghosts show up. More secrets are revealed. The bad guy is defeated. So on. So forth.

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