Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Read: Sgt. Rock: Between a rock and a hard place by Joe Kubert and Brian Azzarello

Read: Sgt. Rock: between hell and a hard place by Joe Kubert and Brian Azzarello, 2003, 1401200532.

Not so great. Sgt Rock and his squad are in the woods of either Belgium or Germany - I don't recall which country. The squad captures five German prisoners. The squad is ambushed on the way back to their lines. Four German prisoners are found shot dead and the fifth missing. Sgt. Rock wonders if a squad member murdered the Krauts. The squad goes looking for the fifth, missing, German. Things happen. Shells fall. Shots are fired. People die. Rock finds the German and discovers he killed the other four for revenge after they raped his French mistress. Rock kills the Kraut.

Not that great a story and I disliked the artwork.

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