Saturday, February 13, 2010

Just Finished: "The Walking Dead" by Gerald Seymour

Just Finished: The Walking Dead by Gerald Seymour, 2007, 9781590200056.

Another solid thriller by Seymour. Told through several characters, liek Seymour has done in the other books of his I read.

Saudi 20-year-old recruited to be suicide bomber. sent to England. Also told by The Scorpion, organizes attacks in Iraq and is traveling to Engaldn separately. An English, Muslim girl in the terrorist sleeper cell. Other young men in sleeper cell. Dickie Naylor, a retiring English intelligence agent whose unit is tasked with domestic anti-terror work. Hegner, a suprisingly heartless FBI liasion. Banks, an English policeman who is at odds with his bodyguard team and sent off to protect a asshole of a witness.

I could write more but do not want to.

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