Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Finished: "My Dead Body" by Charlie Huston

Finished: My Dead Body by Charlie Huston, 2009, 9780345495891.

A disappointment after Huston's previously excellent work in this series. This novel wraps everything up so maybe Huston was burned out and just finishing off a contract. I don't know, maybe it is a natural misfire. That guy at L.A. Noir still has a man-crush on Huston.

Joe Pitt is living in the sewers when he is found by a non-vampire who want Joe to rescue his daughter. The daughter is shacking up with a vampire and pregnant. The dad says Pitt's girly-friend wants Joe to find the girl or she will never see Joe again. Once again Joe plays everyone against each other to make his way through Manhattan. He goes through Harlem, midtown, and the south part of the Island. A happy ending with Pitt and his girlfriend in hiding in fear of what will happen now that the world knows vampires exist. Things don't look good.

Not as much violence as previous novels (to my eyes anyway) and the story is not as focused as before. Pitt is annoyingly self-analyzing. The deaths of many characters are not as fun or satisfying as they could have been.

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