Friday, April 18, 2008

Read: "Contract Killer" by William Hoffman and Lake Headley

Read: Contract Killer: the explosive story of the Mafia's most notorious hit man Donald "Tony the Greek" Frankos by William Hoffman and Lake Headley 1992, 1560250453.

What a fucking scumbag.
A filthy, rotten, inhuman piece-of-shit. I found this book after reading the Konigsberg book and searching the catalog. Frankos knew Konigsberg in prison and Konigsberg is mentioned a few times in the book. It’s interesting how many names pop-up in different memoirs and articles and are all interconnected through prison association and outside crime.

First off, Frankos is garbage and likely a fat liar – contrary to his firm assertions of truthfulness.
Frankos has spent most of his life in prison; what convict isn’t an inveterate liar? He has admitted to murdering countless people, dealing drugs, violently extorting money from regular people, loan sharking and other crimes. Then he has the audacity to complain that the government isn’t giving him a fair deal in the Witness Protection Plan when he became an informant. Frankos is one of those guys who can be a good friend and a good story teller to listen to but he’ll be perfectly happy to kill you for five thousand dollars and dismember your body.

In the Introduction the co-authors detail how they were introduced to Frankos and spent a lot of effort verifying his tales.
So, I have to assume most of what is said is true. True enough that I never want to be in the same room with the guy.

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