Thursday, April 17, 2008

Never Going to Get to: "Badger Bars & Tavern Tales" by Bill Moen and Doug Davis

Never Going to Get to: Badger Bars & Tavern Tales: an illustrated history of Wisconsin saloons by Bill Moen and Doug Davis, 2003, 1930596200.

Neat idea and the authors did not skip the unsavory aspects of boozing history. Meaning they talk about whores (lots of them), drunken brawls, and some hilarious but obscene postcards and coasters from different bars. Maybe I should try and read this.

There are some slightly racy photos. A stripper with pasties on page 87, burlesque dancers on page 41, Silver Boots Mona (famous whore in Superior) in bed with a sheet covering her rack. The book is online anyway. Lots of illustrations and stories.

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