Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Listened to: "Little Steps" by Louis Sachar

Listened to: Little Steps by Louis Sachar, downloaded from

A sort-of continuation of Sachar's Holes. Armpit and X-Ray are back in Austin after Camp Green Lake from Holes was shut down. It's summertime and 17 year old Armpit is taking classes to catch up in school. He is also working a landscaping job - digging holes.

Armpit's neighbor is 12 year old Jenny who has cerebral palsy. Armpit and Jenny get to be close friends. Armpit is also still friends with X-Ray who still talks too much. X-Ray convinces Armpit to finance a ticket scalping scheme for a pop star's concert. They make their money back and turn a profit but X-Ray gets greedy. Armpit meets the pop star, travels to San Francisco to visit her, and the pop star's step-father/manager tries to kill the pop star.

Pretty good over all but the teen love angle between Armpit and the pop star was way too sugary and lovey-dovey. There were several laugh out loud moments in the novel. The narrator did well.

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