Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Read: "The Whale Road" by Robert Low

Read: The Whale Road by Robert Low, 2007, 9780312361945.

Vikings! Pretty good, too.

Orm was 5 when left with his uncle as his father sailed off with the Oathsworn on the Elk. After ten years it looks like Orm's uncle will have him killed, Gunnar - who's been hanging out there ever since Orm was dropped off - sends word to the Oathsworn. They return and Orm joins up. Orm takes the Oath under Odin and off they go on a paid job to raid a religious community.

After the raid the Oathsworn's leader Einar figures out what the monk who arranged the raid is after. A couple hundred years ago Attila the Hun was paid off by the Finns with a hoard of cursed silver and a new wife. The wife killed Attila and she and the silver were buried with Attila. Finding out that Attila's grave and the silver may be real the Oathsworn follow a trail into Russia to get the silver.

Good story with a lot of travel across the Baltic Sea and battling several different groups. There is a second title forthcoming and a third in the works.

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