Friday, March 14, 2008

Read: "Night Ferry" by Michael Robotham.

Read: Night Ferry by Michael Robotham, 2007, 9780385517904.

Solid but not spectacular. Robotham wrote of Lost which I also read and according to my notes enjoyed more than this. This was a good book. There were several exciting sections that kept me reading.

Ali Barba is on medical leave from the Metropolitan Police after a massive back injury sustained on duty. I cannot recall if she was in the last novel but her former supervisor Ruiz was the main character in Lost. This novel also touches on kidnapping but focuses more on a nasty ring of illegal and forced surrogate births.

Ali's pregnant, former best friend,Cate, contacts her asking for help saying someone is trying to steal her unborn kid. Cate is run over and killed - not by accident - before she can tell Ali any more and Ali finds out that Cate was faking her pregnancy. Ali wants to know why and, after some investigating time in the novel, finds out Cate was paying for a surrogate from Holland to carry two of her embryos.

Paid surrogacy is illegal in both England and Holland. What's worse, the surrogates involved in the crime ring are illegal aliens forced to either carry the children or work as whores in Amsterdam and elsewhere. Cate faked her pregnancy with plans to also trick people about giving birth. But, the crooks she is involved with wanted to keep one of the infants and sell the child to someone else.

There were some really well done red herrings and I think Robotham plotted things out very well with a few surprises and turns along the way. Ali's character was really well done.

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