Thursday, August 1, 2019

Saw: "William Wegman: Being Human" by William A. Ewing

Saw: William Wegman: Being Human by William A. Ewing, 2017, 9781452164991.

Smaller photo book of Wegman dogs. A jokey introduction by Ewing that still covers some interesting topics. 1- How much of a collaborator is a dog? 2 - What artistic styles is Wegman mimicking or mocking? 3 - portraiture is an art and how do these photos compare with use of pight, perspective and props?

I just like pictures of dogs and there are some great ones. Those Weimaraners are well trained and relaxed.

There is a printed interview between Wegman and Ewing at the end.
There is a piece by Wegman about the dogs over the years.

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