Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Missed A Gischler: "A Painted Goddess" by Victor Gischler

Missed A Gischler:  Painted Goddess by Victor Gischler, 2016, 9781503954762.

I finished this a couple weeks ago. I need to take it back to the library.

Third in the fantasy series by Gischler.  A new novel set in the same 'universe' is coming out, Murder Blossom, which sounds a lot better than Turd Blossom. Although Turd Blossom is such a fitting name for Karl Rove, especially when thinking of the turd part.

The Kingdom of Helva (maps included in the novel) is about to be attacked by a massive fleet omade up of thousands of ships. The pals of the main character Rina are scouring the Kingdom and beyond for more magical tattoos that will increase Rina's power. Rina can then defend the Kingdom and be lovey-dovey with a stable boy. The story picks up from the last book and follows individuals through their travels and travails and truffles and tribbles and triumphs and trench training and treacherous traverses and trolling through the dictionary tp feed this "tr" alliteration.

Anyhoo. I recommend starting with the first novel. I had a big break between reading this and the previous novel and got a little lost. Keep in mind that Gischler has the golden touch and it shows in every novel he has published. You can read this and have a good time as long as you're not itching and bitching to learn about all the previous plots and action.

There are swords, magicians, bad guys, zombies, sexy-sexy, gods come to earth, stabbings, romantic jealousy, horse rides, boat rides, monsters, swimming, rescues. All the typical fantasy fun stuff but without any stupid dragons.

1. Your favorite dragon is lame.
2, I have Gischler's No Good Deed at home but just started a James Bond novel.

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