Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Short Stories: "Murdaland" edited by Michael Lagnas

Short Stories: Murdaland: crime fiction for the 21st Century edited by Miachel Lagnas, 2006, 074470279761.

This is a very nice collection. A book I never got to when it came out. An interesting thing is that this collection precedes the novels of several of these people before others received a lot of exposure. Daniel Woodrell (though you can argue he already had press), Anthony Neil Smith, JD Rhoades, Patti Abbott, Les Edgerton, Tom Franklin.

All stories were by modern authors except one story by David Goodis. I read this a while ago and have little specifics on the stories. Let me look through:

My War by Paolo Madrigal. A new author and setting to me. Government fighters in 1980s Central America going against anti-gov guerrillas. Brutality of a dirty war mixed with personal conflict over a love affair.

I read the Woodrell one before.

Anthony Neil Smith's story about a obsessive and possessive jackass controlling the funeral of his dead girlfriend who didn't even like him.

Scouts by Tristan Davies. A fundraiser for Boy Scouts is a sexual dirtbag who is shagging a donor's wife.

Felon by Les Edgerton. I'd not read any of his work until this. An author I've been meaning to get to. Life as a small time crook. Taking jobs where needed. Booze and drugs and cheap hotel rooms. He doesn't want to go back to jail but the risk is just part of life. The jolt and excitement of pulling robberies, burglaries, and other crimes.

I quit Mary Gaitskill story very quick. That was some stream of conscious crap.

An excerpt from the novel Smonk by Tom Franklin. A teen prostitute on a turn-of-the-century riverboat kills a couple johns. I bought Smonk for work, it's sitting on the library shelf, and I never got to reading it. My library's copy was catalogued in September, 2006. Went out 8 times. Last circ'ed in November, 2013.

Anyhoo. That's enough. This is a completely solid collection. Except for that Gaitskill one - definitely not up my alley.


pattinase (abbott) said...

I have never written another story like that one. It haunts me to this day.

Todd Mason said...

That was the first issue, there was a second, but that was the last.

Todd Mason said...

http://www.philsp.com/homeville/FMI/t/t4654.htm#A101998 for the FictionMags Indexing.

Todd Mason said...

Lagnas, btw.

Gerard Saylor said...

I kept checking and rechecking the editor's name and still got it wrong. Fixed it now.