Thursday, April 5, 2018

Shoot-Em-Up: "Warning Order" by Joshua Hood

Shoot-Em-Up: Warning Order by Joshua Hood, 2017, 9781501108280.

Second novel by Hood featuring Mason Kane, Super Commando Killer Dude. The first novel with Kane had Kane set-up by a group of rogue Army Special Forces dudes to look like a traitor as the rogue group tried to start a war (or an assassination or something, I don't recall exactly). Kane was cleared of the charge but his name and reputation are still mud with most people. He is now working as a Super Duper Commando contractor in Syria with assignments from the DOD and CIA.

Kane and his best pal Zeus are in Syria with three other guys on a suddenly assigned mission to raid a bad guy's safe house in an effort to help a U.S. undercover agent. The undercover agent, Boland, is a long time pal of Kane's and Kane is eager to assist. When Kane and Co. kill everyone and secure the safe house Kane discovers that the ISIS bad guys have hacked into the feed of a Predator drone and have stockpiled Stinger missiles and set-up AA guns. Uh-oh.

Kane calls in a warning but he is too late. The two inbound helicopters full of Super Duper Commando Dudes are shot down. Boland is left without assistance and kidnapped by Main ISIS Bad Guy. Kane and Co. respond to the crashed helicopters and go after the missing Boland. Kane is too late and Boland is spirited away and beheaded.

Kane is angry. Kane is upset. One of his best pals is now dead and he suspects malfeasance by his superiors. In this case malfeasance means, Plotting to put the U.S. back in to Iraq by plotting against the Army by using ISIS and killing anyone who gets in the way. Well, Kane is correct and he goes after Main ISIS Bad Guy as other characters pursue the conspiracy.

The novel has a great beginning with plenty of action and an introduction of main character. The book slowed down at other times. The strength of the story is with the soldiers and not the cabal of politicians and generals in D.C. They cabal is working with Main ISIS Bad Guy who promises a small attack but sinks a nuclear aircraft carrier (no mean feat).

The conspiracy stuff is okay, and it fits the genre, but was the weaker half of the story.

1. Search and Destroy series is a good name because Kane is a hunter/killer. He has plenty of brain power but his strength and interests are shooting and stabbing. Kane just gets caught up by the schemes of others and has to work his way out.
2. Gratuitous name dropping of knife name brand, JK Knives. JK uses O1 steel which is supposed to be a decent steel but I have not owned any knives with it. O1 is a tool steel and I don't think it is stainless, let me check... yep, not stainless.
3. Gratuitous HK rifles.
4. Gratuitous Toyota trucks.

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