Thursday, April 26, 2018

Celebrity AutoBio: "Thanks for the Money" by Joel McHale

Celebrity AutoBio: Thanks for the Money: how to use my life story to become the best Joel McHale you can be by Joel McHale with Brad Stevens and Boyd Vico, 2016, 9780399575372

I checked this in at the circ' desk and decided to read it myself. This is a standard celebrity autobio of the humorous and self-deprecating style.  McHale talks about the acting roles that made him famous, growing up, information on his family, dyslexia, hair implants, required snogging of costars, time requirements for work, so on, so forth.

The kind of book you would never read unless you were a fan of the actor or just wanted to read stories about how nuts and awful Chevy Chase acts towards co-workers. I greatly enjoyed watching McHale on Soup and the current Netflix version The Joel McHale Show With Joel McHale so I read the book. It was kinda long.

The dyslexia was interesting to read about but McHale does not go into much detail. He writes about working around the reading in school and college and how he never had too much trouble until he had to read from a teleprompter for the Soup show.

He says he did A LOT of push-ups before filming a shirtless scene for Community. I presume he did more than just that.

He mentions several times how Community was picked up by Yahoo! online and claims that Community killed that online service. Nicely done, McHale.

McHale has made a professional name for himself by regular casting as a smarmy, self-obsessed prick. He uses that persona for the book.

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