Sunday, December 31, 2017

Novella I Heard: "Star Wars: The Perfect Weapon" by Delilah Dawson

Novella I Heard: Star Wars: The Perfect Weapon by Delilah Dawson,

I think this was called a short story. I say, "Bullshit, this is a novella and I am marking it down as a separate audiobook."

Bazine Netal is a hired gun and very minor character from The Force Awakens. She'll do most any mercenary, assassination or bounty hunter work and she is very skilled. Netal was taken in as an orphan by a mercenary who ran his own training school. Fighting, killing and sneaking is all Netal has ever done.  She is a master of disguise, always on the alert, always on the move, never trusting anyone.  She gets a mysterious job offer to go and look for former Stormtrooper TK-1472 and recover some files TK-1472 owned.

Netal takes on the job. Meets up with her old trainer. Kills some things. The old trainer asks her to take along a protege of his named, Orrie. Netal has been warned their is a competing mercenary after the files. Netal worries is Orrie is the competitor. Netal travels through space. Netal uses disguises. Netal sneaks around. Netal ends up going to an abandoned military retirement home that is covered in huge killer bees.

1. I enjoyed the story. Netal is the of the "loveable rogue" variety of Star Wars characters. Which, of course, overlooks that she is a hired killer without conscience.
2. This also has all the sound effects and music of the Star Wars audio productions. I really like the music and sound effects. Bzz. Whish. Click whir.  Hmmmmmm.
3. Backdating this entry since I finished the audio in 2017.

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