Thursday, November 3, 2016

Listened: "Dead Man's Song" by Jonathan Maberry

Listened: Dead Man's Song by Jonathan Maberry, 2007, download

How does Maberry keep publishing so many books each year when he seems to spend all day on Facebook?

Second novel of the Pine Deep trilogy and the story starts hours after the first novel ended. Malcolm Crowe and his girlfriend Val are beginning recuperation after the beatings and shootings sustained in fighting and killing the bad guy, Ruger.

Vic Wingate is plotting with the dead spirit of Ubel Griswold for something bad. Ruger has turned into a vampire - or maybe a vampire-werewolf, that is unclear - and has been taken in by Ubel.

Tow Truck Eddie continue to think the speaking spirit of Ubel is God telling him to kill teenager Mike. Mike turns out to be the son of a man whose body Ubel took over and used to rape Mike's mother.

Terry Wolfe is going insane. Terry is having conversations with his long dead sister, popping anti-depressants every hour, and sees a wolf when he looks in the mirror.

Anyhoo. Maberry has plenty of scares, bad guys, and some tough guy talk. He also has tough guys making fun of their own tough guy talk and being quite scared. It's a fun series and the narrator, Tom Weiner, performs the book.

1. Maberry will really lay on the schmaltz. Three times Val has a "single tear" leak or drop or squeeze out of her eye. I think all three fell on Crowe.
2. Same goes with the pregnancy announcement with everyone all whooping and the men genially insulting one another.
3. Same thing goes with the interminably long sex scene between Crowe and Val. Ugh.

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