Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Heard: "Horns" by Joe Hill

Heard: Horns by Joe Hill, 2010, download.

Audio version. Kinda long. Hill rehashes a few events and takes him time doing so.  Using the different characters to Rashomon things did not give me much more insight. Well, those are my complaints.

Ignatius "Iggy" Perrish is about 25, lives in New Hampshire (Vermont?), and one year ago his longtime girlfriend was raped and murdered. Iggy has been shiftless since the murder and most of the town thinks he killed Dead Girlfriend. DG was found in the woods at aIggy wakes up in the back seat of his car after a heavy night of drinking. His forehead hurts and he feels two nubs under his skin. Well, those nubs grow out of his skin and turn into horns.

Iggy heads home and finds his girlfriend-of-convenience. GOC sees the horns and, trancelike, starts to tell the truth about herself and Iggy. Iggy is creeped out. Whenever someone sees the horns they start to tell their deepest thoughts and feelings. Two brutal cops express their homosexual desires. A waitress admits that she lied about Iggy to the police. One man says he wants to go home, put on women's underwear, and masturbate. Iggy is even more creeped out.

Iggy heads to his parents house and sees his older brother. His brother says, "Iggy, I'm sorry, but I know who murdered Dead Girlfriend and I'm partly responsible." Iggy is intrigued. Iggy wants to find the person responsible. That the killer is one of his best pals and sociopath makes things more interesting.

Things happen as Iggy avoids others. Iggy tries to figure how to get the killer. The Killer knows Iggy knows and he maneuvers to get Iggy. Fun stuff as Iggy adjusts to having big horns, turning bright red, and carrying a pitchfork. Plenty of jokes in here as well.

A fun novel that takes you through some serious issues about grief and family.

1. I forgot there was a movie version. I just saw that when searching online to find character names.
2. The other that the Devil is maybe not a devil.  That the Devil is not evil. The Devil is actually an assistant, of sorts, to God. After all, God sends sinners to hell and the Devil punishes them for God.
3. Character names? I do not need to remember any stinking character names.

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