Monday, May 16, 2016

Forgot One: "God's Eye View" by Barry Eisler

Forgot One: The God's Eye View by Barry Eisler, 2016, 9781503949614.

I remembered something about this book and realized I forgot to record any notes. Damn.

This is either a new series or stand alone by Eisler. Based off the Snowden revelations with a bad guy NSA Director plugging links by killing people.

Evelyn is an NSA programmer. She has created a system that can hack into any CCTV system around the world. She reports directly to the NSA Director, has a bum of an ex-husband, and a son at home. Evelyn starts putting together the clues showing that some NSA employees and a reporter have died shortly after her talks with NSA Director. Evelyn is kinda worried.

Meanwhile, NSA Director and his protege are working hard to stop any more Snowden style revelations. They will stop the leaks using a couple salaried assassins. One killer, Delgado, is a former mob hit man who made a deal with NSA Director. The other killer, Manus, was rescued from juvenile prison by NSA Director and has total loyalty to NSA Director.

Manus is asked to surveill Evelyn but ends up making friends with her. Since Manus and Evelyn's son are both deaf those two develop a rapport. Manus starts to really like Evelyn and worries that NSA Director director will tell Manus to do more than watch. He does. He tells Manus to kill Evelyn and the boy.

Manus has internal turmoil. Manus tries to come to a compromise. NSA Director just wants blood. Rapey-Murderer Delgado is sent out on the job. Violence ensues. NSA Director ends up deposed and Evelyn is safe. For now...

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