Thursday, January 28, 2016

Cheap Find: "The Confession" by Domenic Stansberry

Cheap Find: The Confession by Domenic Stansberry, 2004, 9780843953541.

This past December the boys and I were walking through St Vincent DePaul after dropping off donations. Paperbacks were half off. I selected two Hard Case Crime novels and paid a total of $0.60.

This is an original novel, not a plucked-from-obscurity reprint.

Narrated by a forensic psychologist accused of murder. Jake Danser admits that things don't look good. Jake gives chronological rundown on his actions how there is no way he is serial killer. Danser is certainly no psychopath, even though Stansberry has other characters place all the evidence in front of us.

Danser enjoys his Marin County home, his wealthy second wife, his numerous opportunities to have secret girlfriends, fancy clothes, and head turning looks. He has charm and grace. He strange urges. The fact that dead bodies follow his path is pure coincidence. That Danser's wife leaves him right before the murder really burns him up. He must have her back.

Anyway. I really liked the writing in this novel. The story really flows along and Danser is an engaging narrator.

Musical Interlude Bonus!

I was listening to BBC 6 Music a couple weeks ago and heard this song for the first time. I'd heard of Teenage Fanclub before but never heard their tunes. 6 Music played a similar version to this, sung by the writer, Norman Blake.

1. Stansberry won an Edgar for this novel.
2. Stansberry has a handful of other novels to his name and I'll have to try and hunt some down.

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Mathew Paust said...

Not a bad deal for 30¢.