Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Poetry: "Debt to the Bone-Eating Snotflower" by Sarah Lindsay

Poetry: Debt to the Bone-Eating Snotflower by Sarah Lindsay, 2013, 9781556594465.

I'm not sure why I ordered this for work but it must have won an award. The title is also neat. Don't let Lindsay's status as an Olie graduate dissuade you from reading.

Lots of poems drawing in aquatic life like squids and octopuses. Poems of deep sea life in pitch black water. Poems about Aunt Lydia and her observations. I liked these.

There are some real nice ones in here. Lindsay never goes too abstract, I understand what she is writing about. I may be drawing my own conclusions about her stories and intent but, hey, tough crap.

62 total poems and I won't try to flip back through and flip favorites. There are enough good ones that flipping through would be worth my time.

The title refers to a sea worm that eats bones.
But without her (and the him she keeps,
for his lifetime, in her body), every
seashore would be barricaded
by skeletons of whales

EDIT Nov 6, 2015: Since this made Forgotten Books I took some quick photos of some one page poems. I also did some Poet Poses. I cannot get the dang HTML layout to work like I want.

EYE IN THE SEAS - cannot get this to rotate


Pondering Poet

Thinking Poet

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