Monday, November 9, 2015

Finished: "Bullet" by Mary Louise Kelly

Finished: Bullet by Mary Louise Kelly, 2015, 9781476769813.

A neat angle with the main character in her early thirties discovering she has a bullet in her neck. The novel was kind of "eh" though and had a weird detour at the end. Anyho.

 Professor WhatsHerFace works at Georgetown teaching French and French Lit. She is single, talks to her mother every day, has two older brothers, he lawyer father is retired. WhatsHerFace has had bad wrist pain for the last year. She goes to the doctor. Dreamy Doctor sends her for X-rays and MRI. MRI tech says, "How'd that bullet get in your neck?"

WhatsHerFace finds out she was adopted as a toddler. She has no memory of her family. Lack of memory is probably okay considering her parents her murdered in front of her. WhatsHerFace decides to track down more information. WhatsHerFace goes to Atlanta, ends up in the newspaper, talks to people who knew her parents. Talks to Police Detective who worked the murder case. WhatsHerFace and Dreamy Doctor rub together.

WhatsHerFace goes back to D.C. and seems to be followed. Someone breaks into her house. The theory is that the bullet will be evidence, WhatsHerFace may have a memory recall, the killer is after WhatsHerFace. Blah, blah, blah. More things happen. WhatsHerFace is married. WhatsHerFace figures out the killer was banging WhatsHerFace's mom. WhatsHerFace kills the killer. WhatsHerFace flees to Paris. Blah, blah, blah. WhatsHerFace lives happily ever after when she gets off the hook.

1. The novel wasn't bad, but it really wasn't for me. It just kinda went on for a while and I did not care enough about the characters and action to stay interested.
2. I mean, yeah, I finished the book.

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