Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Quick: "There are Aliens Behind Uranus, Mr President" by Emerson LaSalle

Quick: There Are Aliens Behind Uranus, Mr. President by Emerson LaSalle, 2012, Kindle ebook.

Forgotten pulp writer LaSalle's lost space opera novel. LaSalle published a lot of trashy novels. This one was developed from a short story. The original short story serves as Chapter 1.

Major Rocky Hardman had served as President Harry Truman's personal Secret Service bodyguard. Truman was visiting Area 51 when a trio of aliens attacked the base. The aliens killed their way through base security and several levels down into the desert of the secret bases's bowels. Rocky and a handful of other guards stopped the last aliens. Now, Truman has been living at Area 51 to oversee preparation of a Space Navy to take on the aliens.

Truman rehires General MacArthur to run a space force to prepare for future alien invasion. Rocky, who lost an arm in the initial attack, is in charge of space infantry.  Things happen. The aliens are spotted behind Uranus. The rockets  are launched my exploding atom bombs beneath them. Russian spies are trying to stop the launches. Rocky survives space attacks and lands on a moon to meet alien women. Alien women want to help humans defeat alien men. Rocky and alien women practice interspecies sexual intercourse. More things happen. People die. Aliens die. Humans are victorious. Yeah!

1. Amazingly enough Mr. LaSalle's dog was still alive a couple years ago.
2. I have not yet read Stay and just saw that the damn thing is not yet cataloged. Yet, other libraries have it on hand. What the heck? I need to ask about that tomorrow.

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