Friday, August 21, 2015

Heard: "Complex 90" by Mickey Spillane and Max Alan Collins

Heard: Complex 90 by Mickey Spillane and Max Alan Collins, 2013, download, narrated by Stacy Keach.

I was disappointed in this one. I thought Mike Hammer would be spending all his time in 1965 (or so, I don't recall if a year was listed or implied) Russia. Hammer in Russia? Spying on Ruskies? Solving murders of dissidents or politicians? Bedding Russian lady spies? Nope. It's Hammer visiting Russia as a Senator's bodyguard, getting arrested, violently escaping capture, and escaping to the West. Hammer takes about four months to sneak his way west but that story is not detailed. Oh, well.

Hammer is working security at a NY Senator's cocktail party. A guest shoots at the Senator but kills the P.I. who had asked for Hammer's help at the party. Hammer is then shot in the leg but returns fire and kills the gunman.  Hammer is patched up and asked to take the dead P.I.'s place as Seantor's escort to the Soviet Union. Hammer still has a relationship with a super-duper secret U.S. spy agency.

Hammer sleeps with their steel dentured lady guide. The lady guide removes her steel teeth before performing oral sex. Hammer is picked up the KGB and taken to an prison for interrogation. Hammer kills his way out. Upon arrival back in the States Hammer speaks with Federal suits. They say he may get sent back to Russia to stand trial for murder. "Nuts to you." says Hammer.

Things happen. Why was Hammer arrested? What's the connection between his Russian adventure and that cocktail party? Why are Russian agents after him in the U.S., do they want to kidnap him? Kill him? Or something else? Is there a connection between Velda's years on the run in Russia? Between Hammer's destruction of dual spy/assassin team years before.

As usual Hammer fights the powers that be, sleuths around, discusses his .45, flirts, sexes up the ladies, lovey-doveys Velda. With political shenanigans, dorky scientists, people telling Hammer he is a caveman, spies, Russian killers.

1. Hammer and Velda have that odd relationship. Velda waits on Hammer to decide to commit and Hammer has sex with any woman he likes. Hammer sometimes feels bad about this, but his lust and the women's bodies push the guilt aside.
2. More great narration by Keach.
3. I had more to say but forgot.

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