Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Read: Gun Digest 2015 editred by Jerry Lee

Read: Gun Digest 2015 by Jerry Lee, 2014, 9781440239120.

- Really, Gerard?  You read the whole thing? Each item entry and ballistics chart?
- No, but I read almost every article, even the boring ones.

Pieces of note:
1. Article on the black powder .303  Lee Metford.
2. .38 article.
3. Article on Webley revolvers and why they were not chosen by the Brits in the '20s.
4. Beretta military pistols over the past 150 years.
5. Hi-Power article.
6. Lazzeroni rifles and cartridges. I recall reading about Lazzeronis several years ago and never realized it is fairly new company.

Crappy or Boring Articles:
1. 3 Deadliest Gunfighting Pistols of All Time. The morbidity I can deal with but you're just guessing at numbers of "how many people did this model of gun kill?"
2. Holsters of Arvo Ojala.  An article for someone who grew up in the '50s when film and TV westerns were king.
3. Two articles by Jeff Quinn. Quinn is often times one of the better writers in this series but his asides and personal beliefs get on my nerves. But, he's worth reading because he is thorough and clear about the devices and what's good and bad about them.
4. The usual failing of gun writers that "there is no bad gun". That's one of the reasons I like Forgotten Weapons, if something doesn't work they'll address the issue and diagnose design flaws.

1. I did not play any of my picking games. Such as:
A. You get to pick one gun per page and build a collection.
B. You get to pick any three in the book.
C. You get to pick any three and get 10,000 rounds ammo so don't worry about ammo cost and availability.

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