Monday, March 30, 2015

Done: "Beat to a Pulp: hardboiled 3" edited by David Cranmer

Done: Beat to a Pulp: hardboiled 3 edited by David Cranmer. Stories by Patti Abbott, Fred Blosser, Hilary Davidson, Chris F. Holm, Sophie Littlefield, Andrew Nette, Keith Rawson, Kieren Shea, Josh Stallings.

That's five authors with a double consonant in at least one name.

Short stories off a website I never read. Also short at only 102 pages .  I've read short story collections before my typed notes say there was not one dud story. Well, I think this is the same, but the overall quality is higher than most other short story collections I have read. Or, maybe, just more interesting to me.

Abbott's story reminded me of another short story with a slightly similar kidnapping theme. Abbott's story does not have the major bummer ending of the other tale. Abbott's and Davidson's were the best in the volume.

I still think Littlfield's Bad Day For Sorry has a great cover image. I still haven't read the novel though. Hers is a very short story at a page and a quarter long.

Kieran Shea's Koko Takes a Holiday has not circ'ed once since I bought in June, 2014. What the heck is it with SciFi titles here? I have a heck of a time selecting SciFi that will check out. The story is a good one but written as a short play set in a speed dating event with one person poisoning the other.

The library has volume 1 but I don't know if I ordered volume 2. Seems like I did but I'm not at work to quickly check the catalog.

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pattinase (abbott) said...

Thanks, Gerard. I think the stories were written for the volume but I may remember wrong.