Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Listened: "The Good Cop" by Brad Parks

Listened: The Good Cop by Brad Parks, 2013, download.

2013?  Dang, this is brand spanking new.  I read the first in the series off a paperback or ARC I picked up somewhere.  This is the fourth book but two and three are not currently available at Overdrive.  I should see if they are available to purchase from Overdrive and I can add them to the catalog.

Carter Ross is still a reporter for the Newark Eagle-Examiner.  Ross still likes his work and knows the city.  Ross is still a bit of an annoying smart-ass (to me and many of his fellow characters).  Ross is still in a complex would-be-relationship with his hot chick editor. Ross is currently shagging the newspaper's librarian who likes risky sex in public places.

Ross catches a story about a dead cop.  Ross scores a coup when he meets the widow and the family and writes a hagiography.  Then Ross finds out cop is dead by suicide.  The newspaper's editor never covers suicides.  Damn, a good story down the drain.  But, Ross thinks the suicide does not fit the guy.  Ross digs deeper.

Ross meets Newark people.  Ross talks Newark politics.  Ross talks New Jersey politics.  Ross talks Newark history.  Ross figures cop was murdered.  Parks talks illegal gun dealing to give the motive to the murder.  Ross's Sexy Editor is jealous of Sexy Librarian.  Ross has sexy sex with Sexy Editor.

Ross meets people. Ross cracks wise.  Ross has illegal gun dealers trying to kill him.  Everyone lives happily ever after except for two dead people, the victims' families, and all the corrupt cops who go to prison for life.

1.  Fun listen.  Nothing too exciting but worth my time.  I like the cynical (or realistic) view of New Jersey politics.
2.  Much talk about dead trees versus online news.  The newspaper's online news desk is called the All Slop desk.  Standards are lowering, there are less reporters, and the budget to hire stringers is gone.

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