Sunday, June 2, 2013

Forced: "ROTC Kills" by John Koethe

Forced: ROTC Kills by John Koethe, 2012, 9780062136022.

Committee book.  Poetry.  Not for me.  I did enjoy a couple poems.  Maybe the ongoing theme of a guy in his mid-sixties ruminating on memory, time, place, and philosophical questions of time and memory don't connect over the 20 year age difference.

I enjoyed Eggheads and his take on the popularity of stupidity on present day television and politics versus discourse when he was younger..
The poem Alfred Hitchcock was interesting and about the four Hitchcock flicks Koethe (or the poem's character) was influenced by as a kid.  Vertigo was the most important.
Red Shoes from when he was 11-years-old and would wander the San Diego State College campus when his mother attended class.  He caught a filing of Red Shoes.

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