Monday, March 25, 2013

Listened: "When You Are Engulfedin Flames" by David Sedaris

Listened: When You are Engulfed in Flames by David Sedaris, 2008, Overdrive download.

2008?  I thought this was much newer.

Many of the pieces made me laugh out loud.  Others didn't.  Some pieces were recorded in front of an audience but most were studio readings by Sedaris.

I could list my favorite tales but I did not recall them all.

1.  Several stories were reminders of Amy Sedaris's genius.
2.  I read some of these before.
3.  Sedaris's boyfriend Hugh seems to be a completely decent and pleasant guy. Sedaris had written before about his own drug use and drinking.  For many years Sedaris's was a drug wolf.  For 20 years Sedaris was a functioning drunk.  Sedaris would start boozing at home every evening and not stop until 2 AM or so when he hit the hay.  I wonder how Hugh dealt with this.
4.  Sedaris is concerned with manners.  He is a reserved and shy guy and, judging from his stories, considers manners quite important.  He details his own failings and poor behavior.  His reluctance to appear rude or insult people.
5.  Does Sedaris try to write funny?  Is he telling a straight story but his writing method, speaking cadence and voice, and particular point of view make it funny?
6.  Not recommended for use while weightlifting.  Frequent laughter will interrupt you.

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